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Updated 8/6/19


Katie McDonough Kending
Shannon McDonough
Brandon Kending
Nicki Roland Ecker
Jake Wegscheider

11:00 am

Katie McDonough Kending
Shannon McDonough
Brandon Kending
Nicki Roland Ecker
Jake Wegscheider


Katie McDonough Kending
Shannon McDonough
Nicki Roland Ecker

Dinner Tickets

Click here to purchase your volunteer dinner ticket in advance ($10 for volunteers)

Volunteers will be asked to help with a 2-6 hour shift (depends on the job assigned) and all will receive a bag lunch (sandwich, apple, cookie). You may help longer if desired.  Dinner tickets are discounted for volunteers ($10), and can be purchased online

  • * FULL * Shift A: begins at 6AM. The ending time depends on what area you work. Some volunteers (who work the on course games/contests) work until the end of the morning golf round (12:30), but other volunteers are finished at 8:30am after the shotgun.

  • * FULL * Shift B: begins at 11:00AM. The ending time depends on what area you work. Some volunteers (who work the on course games/contests) work until the end of the afternoon golf round (6:30), but most are done by 2:00

  • Shift C: begins at 4:30PM and tends to end around 9:15 after the silent auction is cleaned up.

Notes / Additional Instructions

1. Please check in 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.
2. Volunteer check in is in the lower level of the clubhouse (faces parking lot)  
3. Dress comfortably and cool!  Please wear a red American Heroes Tee-shirt if you have one!  If not, we will provide one at the event that you can change into.  This helps the players identify volunteers.   We also have name tags for each volunteer that you can pick up when you check in for your shift.
4. A bag lunch will be provided for each volunteer at 11:15, but we encourage the volunteers to bring water and your own snacks for the day.  If you will be working the on-course contests, bring sunscreen! Bring water!  Dress for the weather!  The event happens rain or shine.
5. See below for assignment descriptions

Volunteer shifts have been split up into 3 shifts (A, B, C).  Typically, there is a rush at the beginning of each shift (as that's when the golfers are arriving and checking in, with a fair amount of down time to follow.  The length of time necessary for each volunteer may vary depending on the amount of work available.  With the number of volunteers we have, it may be necessary to make changes to assignments the day of the event.
For most of the assignments, we have designated one person as the "Team Lead" for each shift.  This person will be responsible for delegating duties to the volunteers for that particular assignment and being the general “go to” person.  They are typically veteran volunteers and know more about the flow of the assignment.

Volunteer Check In: (6:00 AM & 11:00 AM) (1 volunteer)
Responsible for checking in all volunteers and making sure each understands duties and responsibilities.  Ensure each volunteer receives a name badge and T-Shirt if necessary.  Direct any volunteer questions to Shannon or Katie McDonough.  Volunteers will begin arriving at 6:00am for morning session and 11:00am for afternoon session.  This is a short shift typically only lasting about 1 1/2 hours.
Golfer Registration: (3 volunteers)
Responsible for checking in each player and ensure they receive appropriate instruction for the day.  Notify each player of pertinent information.  Registration begins at 6:15am for the 7:30 Shotgun, though some players may begin arriving before then. For the afternoon round, players can begin checking in at 11:45 for the 1:00 shotgun. Volunteers assisting with registration will work closely with the Event Managers from  This is a shorter shift typically lasting about 2 hours.

Bag Drop/Cart Round-up: (8-10 volunteers)
Description: Responsible for bringing golfer’s bags from the drop off area (in the parking lot) to assigned golf carts (behind the club-house) after Bag Tags have been assigned to the players.  Each golf cart will have 2 players names labeled on it, and bag tags must be matched with the appropriate player golf bag.  This volunteer team will attach the golfer's bag tags on their golf bag and then put the golf bag on the assigned carts.
Bag Drop has worked best in previous years if half of the volunteers bring the bags from the drop off area outside registration up to the carts and the other half match the bag tag with the assigned golf cart.

The Golf Cart Round-up crew will work closely with bag drop team.  After the morning golfers complete their round (roughly around 11:45), the roundup crew will assist in cleaning out golf carts and preparing them for the second round of golfers. The Roundup crew will be responsible for ensuring that the morning golfers return their carts promptly after completing their round to behind the club-house staging area.  This volunteer team will also be placing golf clubs for afternoon golfers on assigned their assigned carts.  After the afternoon golfers receive bag tags from the registration, they will leave their golf clubs in the assigned area to be placed on carts.  The afternoon golfers typically start to check in around 11:45a.m for their 1:00 shotgun start.

Bag Tag/Greeting: (3-4 volunteers)
Bag Tag and Greeting has been combined for the sake of location.  Volunteers will greet each golfer as they arrive and direct them to appropriate area. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring that each golfer receives their corresponding bag tag AFTER going through registration.  This table is set up outside of club house and volunteers should direct all golfers into Club House for check-in/registration. After bag tags are given to golfers, they will attach to golf bags and move to the bag drop area, golfers should then be directed to find their assigned golf cart prior to the shotgun start. 
Contest Attendants: (12 volunteers)

Specific assignments will be given the day of the event for the on course contests.  Each contest will have two attendants, it is important that AT LEAST one person is tending the hole at any given time during the golf round.  This is a long shift lasting from 30 minutes prior to the shotgun through the entire round of golf.  Expect to be at the course for atleast 6 hours.  Contests are Tee Raffle, Split Pot on Hole #3, and Hole #12, Chip into Bucket on Hole #6, Double Your Money on Hole #16, Giant Putt Contest on the practice putting green.
Photographer: (1-2 volunteers)
Document with pictures the event to be posted on Facebook within 2 weeks after the event.  Include the following photos: golfers registering/checking in photos of all golfers, foursomes, on the course, hole sponsor signs on the actual hole, presenting sponsor signs, sponsors displaying at their designated holes, contests/games on the course, golf carts staged and ready to go prior to shotguns, putting green while golfers are warming up, driving range while golfers are warming up, morning opening ceremony, afternoon ceremony, dinner program, volunteers, bag tag area / greeting area, silent auction area, inside and outside the clubhouse, 4-plane fly-over, color guard etc.  This person needs to be very outgoing and not afraid to request the golfers to be in photos.  For past photo examples, please visit our facebook photo album page.
Silent Auction (Shift C): (4 volunteers)
Responsible for assisting with auction item set up, facilitation, and close out of auction.  Specific tasks will be delegated by the Silent Auction team lead.  Primarily tending to auction items and locating auction winners after the silent auction closes around 8:30pm.
Float/Runner (2-3 volunteer)
This person is responsible for "floating" around the course during the golf rounds checking on the volunteers who are manning contest holes and sponsors displaying at their holes to relieve people for breaks, deliver water and food.  Also, to bring the bag lunches out to all volunteers/sponsors who are on the course between 11:15-11:45.  In general just be visible to answer questions and help anyone out who needs assistance.

Volunteer Coordinators

Katie McDonough Kending & Shannon McDonough. 
Contact for questions or more information.

 Click here to purchase your volunteer dinner ticket in advance ($10 for volunteers)

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